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God starts with simulation

God starts with simulation

God starts with simulation

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    God starts with simulation
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    A wisp of breeze brushed my sleeve
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    Beauty Read
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2022-06-27 06:26:21
[transmit to ninja world] [simulation start] [at the age of 0, your family is rich, and your parents are Muye Murakami's forbearance, which is a good story in the village, but things are changeable and the nine tail riots. Your parents, as the village's forbearance, resolutely participated in the war, both died, and you were stillborn.] [end of simulation] [transfer to the dark Raven continent] [start of simulation] [at the age of 0, you were born in the daytime royal family of the coronal empire. You are the 11th prince. Your father named you the daytime wall, but the royal family was conspired against and betrayed by others. The royal family fell apart, and you also died and fought miserably.] [simulation end] ... "Zhuo! I won't play anymore!!" Wu Zeyu looked at the simulation results without tears: "the LORD God in my memory is not like this!"

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