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Wanjie hamster is not a thief

Wanjie hamster is not a thief

Wanjie hamster is not a thief

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    Wanjie hamster is not a thief
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    Wannian hand remnant bronze shop
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    Qishi Book
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2022-06-23 01:31:17
We are interstellar hamsters (Cang ~ rat ~ oh ~), our purpose is (burn ~ kill ~ loot ~), burn and kill... Huh... Lin Zhengdao, who thought his life had come to an end, saw in his hazy consciousness that the commander in another world gave his strength to himself when he regained consciousness, he became a hamster (by mistake) and found that his armor and weapons had been lost in the void. In order to find what he had worked hard, he started a shuttle trip to all the world in the DC world, the flash asked the teleman in surprise: "do you also have divine speed?" in the marvel world, Nick Frey looked at the Dragon Armor: "only you can stop the bully." in the fire shadow world, Yu zhiboban looked strangely at the DJ playing the disc: "what's your dance?" (the introduction is deceptive. It's all iced black tea. The author has never seen the fire shadow at all, but if he wants to write the fire shadow, he will make it up at that time) (Marvel DC will write, tentatively: marvel, ghost extinction, follow-up to be developed... Welcome to recommend the world you want to see. Just don't expect too much from my new author who is interested in the street.)

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