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Time travel: Daming 1630

Time travel: Daming 1630

Time travel: Daming 1630

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    Time travel: Daming 1630
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    Forest Twilight
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    Day Books
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2022-09-01 02:02:19
This book is mainly based on the history of 1630 at the end of the Ming Dynasty. The protagonist Li Ji, male, aged 32, is a middle-level executive of an enterprise. He graduated from a Northeast University of technology in civil engineering and studied mechanical engineering. He accidentally got an electric shock when drinking. He crossed into a body named Zhu cunji in the Ming Dynasty in 1630, because modern people's ideas are too free, He slandered the emperor at that time and was sent to the northwest to join the army. Later, he was lucky to realize that the supervisor Gao Qiqian was taken to the capital. By chance, he sneaked into the Imperial Hall. On the way to the capital, he witnessed all kinds of miserable scenes in the late Ming Dynasty. On the Imperial Hall, he also learned the level of the emperor at that time. He took the opportunity to return to his brother and protect the fief for his brother with his own knowledge. However, after his brother was killed by a traitor, he gradually embarked on the road of blackening step by step...

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