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Dragon Sims reopen

Dragon Sims reopen

Dragon Sims reopen

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    Dragon Sims reopen
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    Playful white cat
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    Woske Novel
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2023-05-04 14:52:05
The black dragon finally bit off the roots of the world tree, and the gods came at dusk Lu Mingfei looked blankly at all the dilapidated things. He was suddenly discouraged. After so much experience in the "Dragon World", he couldn't save anyone in the end... "brother, I'll let time flow back and reopen your life." with the broken shadow of Lu Mingze, Lu Mingfei returned to 18 years old, and a black-and-white light curtain unfolded in front of him [life reopening simulator started, reopened 0 times] [I really don't want to stay in this regretful life for a second!] [talent card drawing is ready, please choose three of the following ten items] [red face (white): appearance value plus 2, physique minus 2] [son of Destiny (Orange): you are proficient in all dragon scripts and have Dragon King physique] [Challenger (white) : the initial allocated points are reduced by 10] [...] seeing that the slot is full of talents, Lu Ming must cry and laugh the little devil is not gone, but accompanied him in another way many years later, Lu Mingfei is still looking at the world, but this time he is holding a sword and fighting against fate......................... key point: take an unusual road.

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