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Legend of tianlaoyin

Legend of tianlaoyin

Legend of tianlaoyin

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    Legend of tianlaoyin
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    King near the water
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2023-02-04 02:51:09
What is Tianmu Mountain, a famous Chinese Mountain recorded in history books? This paper introduces to you in the form of crossing and musical drama, which is divided into four volumes. The first volume, the Northern Song Dynasty, introduces the kindergarten head crossing to the Northern Song Dynasty, setting off educational reform and folk customs in the Northern Song Dynasty, and the origin of the name of Xianju. The second volume, the prosperous Tang volume, introduces Li Bai's interesting story of crossing Tianmu Mountain in the sky. The third volume, the northern and Southern Dynasties, introduces tadpole writing and the struggle for hegemony between the north and the south. The fourth volume, Dayu volume, introduces the large-scale myths and legends of Xianju Tianmu Mountain the writing technique plans to innovate a form that combines pop music with the story, so that everyone can listen to the song and watch the story at the same time. Whether innovation can be accepted by readers can only be said, but it is up to everyone to do their best.

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