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The son of heaven, the king of Kings

The son of heaven, the king of Kings

The son of heaven, the king of Kings

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    The son of heaven, the king of Kings
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    Spicy crazy duck
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    Apple novel
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2023-05-23 01:52:45
Shifancheng, who had nothing to do, wandered in the second-hand market. When he passed an old book stall, unfortunately, a book was opened by the wind Shi Fancheng glanced away and muttered, "the oracle of heaven? Oh, what a arrogant name!] he immediately picked up the book and looked at the first page. He didn't think that his name was written at the beginning of the book [this?] when Shi Fancheng was confused, he saw a cut in his index finger by the page the bright red blood is smudged on the paper, and golden runes shine out the sudden change made shifancheng panic. Before he abandoned the book and fled, the golden Rune included him in the book [no! I don't want to die yet!] ******************************************************************************************! It's a pity that he looks ordinary, but he can't stand how rich and generous he is [alas, it's hard to break the destiny. Fan Cheng, my teacher, is the son of heaven. Among people, dragons and phoenixes are the king of kings!]

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