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Clouds and snow fall silently

Clouds and snow fall silently

Clouds and snow fall silently

Rating: 9 / 10 from 999 ratings
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    Clouds and snow fall silently
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    Three dagger chestnuts
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    Redhouse Novel
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2023-03-05 03:47:03
The moon rises and sets, and the stars go without constancy. Everything is impermanent. It seems that there are some constant laws outside impermanence. Whether there is a way back. Water condenses into clouds, clouds gather and fall into the water. Knowing the mystery is a simple natural phenomenon. If complex illusory biochemical destruction appears, it will be confused. How can we know the relationship between everything if we are not spiritual enough a man dressed up at night, riding a black horse without hooves, visited a hunter late at night. From then on, the small village was no longer calm young people are frivolous, but there are always people who look different. When they are young, they can be less arrogant and more cold and awake. In the impetuous world, they calmly embark on a road to constantly realize their wishes. The past scenes along the way constantly remind themselves that the most real existence is to be human and realize their own settings and expectations, Is the most thorough understanding of the word "present" in this seemingly ordinary world, the emergence of a person is laying the groundwork for revealing the law and truth in this world, and everything will change from that point until the end of time

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