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My girlfriend forms a routine

My girlfriend forms a routine

My girlfriend forms a routine

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    My girlfriend forms a routine
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    Lemon Qiu Xia
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    Cool Novel
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2023-06-01 16:06:22
Unlock the girlfriend cultivation system. As long as you continuously improve the popularity of the target girlfriend, you can get all kinds of strange props and rich rewards dilemma detector, wish completion card, dream love card, special skill book for flirting with girls, magical repentance medicine, time machine... originally, Li Luo just wanted to find some green tea girls to brush the system reward, so as to find his online love girlfriend, but in the process of cultivation, he slowly found that his road was wide accidentally provoked online love teaching masters, school flowers, civilian goddess Xueba, middle-aged and second ill girls, rich families, and even star singer students, etc., but opened a series of cultivation plans even Li Luo doesn't know whether he is raising a girlfriend or a daughter in this way, the cultivation plan lasted year after year, until at the graduation ceremony that year, the school flower suddenly came up and said with a smile: brother, in fact, I am your online girlfriend.

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