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I come from the world of punishment

I come from the world of punishment

I come from the world of punishment

Rating: 9 / 10 from 44672 ratings
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    I come from the world of punishment
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    Luo Xingluo Xiaoxing
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    52weixin Books
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2022-01-19 03:48:52
In nothingness, the world is divided into three kinds: the illusory world, the mortal world and the punishment world (hell) people explore in the illusory world and live in the mortal world. Only the punishment world is rarely known, and the knowers only say that it is hell, where the wicked are punished LUO Huai: "so... I made a little innovation in the posture of crossing for the first time. As for the treatment of the direct protagonist?... although the big guys over there are very friendly." this is a leisurely day for Mengxin to wander among the three realms it is also the author's arbitrary alien delusion PS: with game elements such as [my world] (mainly), [furnace stone], [group running board game], some features have been slightly changed. Players are welcome to enter micro group images sometimes give more shots to the two brothers of the protagonist in addition, please look at some slightly exaggerated plots in this article with a relaxed attitude - after all, it is "unrealistic delusion", otherwise my "relaxed" label will be meaningless

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